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Are you an educator?
Working in schools, adult learning environment, work place, communities groups? Then read on…..

Project Management Training Package
I have developed and trialled a fun interactive half day lesson in Project Management. It provides a real life scenario (planning a charity/fundraising event) and has high quality resources to allow teams/groups to work in a fun and interactive way. The teacher/instructors notes are very clear and take you step by step through the necessary processes to introduce or further develop Project Management.

The pack has already been trialled in schools and it works well. I am looking for people willing to buy it, use it and give me feedback - the purchased pack will be re-usable. A free copy of my book and free postage is included

Who is it for?
The Project Management Training Package can be used very well in a classroom/group setting. The contents of the pack come ready to use for up to 6 groups( ideally 4-7 in each group). As it is teaching life skills in a fun and relevant way then it can be used by:

  • Schools
  • Further education groups
  • Adult learning groups
  • Community groups

If you need anymore information or a chat to find out its relevance to your particular group then please contact me on the link above



Application and Use

 I believe this pack can be used to

  • Introduce Project Management
  • Encourage Thinking and Develop Ideas
  • Developing Group Work and Learning Together
  • Preparing for an ever changing World
  • Enhancing Numeracy
  • Learning by Questioning, Doing and Reviewing

I believe this pack can be used by

  • Teachers in schools (children aged 10 and upwards)
  • Volunteers with some Project Management experience to take into schools and use
  • Businesses as part of their support for the community
  • Businesses to develop Project Management concepts to non Project Managers in their own business
  • Adult Education, Further Education and in the Community


The Pack costs £99 and contains

  • Pre labelled Box
  • Printed Guidance Notes giving step by step guide on how to run the session
  • USB stick containing slides and extra handouts
  • Printed A3 sheets for students – enough to run the session for up to 30 students, extra copies can be printed from the usb stick
  • Toy Money for the game
  • Food Tokens for the game
  • Stickers/Dots for the game
  • Dice (one of)
  • Scenario cards for the game

The pack can be re-used as many times as you want, you will have to print off some of the material to use it again but that is provided on the usb stick



About Me

I am a very experienced Programme Manager in the Communications and IT industry including the public and private sector, multinational corporations and small software houses and as both supplier and customer in a diverse range of Programmes and Projects.


My experience has led me to want to transfer this knowledge.


I have been working in IT for many years and have seen much excellent practise but I have been aware that the younger generation are not being fully prepared in the education system with all the right tools for the business world. This pack and my book comes from my personal experience and desire to contribute something to help educators and young people be more prepared for the future.




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