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Outside the Nutshell - Thank you visiting these pages ....

Charitable Support


I am committed to supporting charitable work.


I volunteer my time supporting local charities, in particular NET Scotland (https://www.netscotland.org/). I also support a group in the Philippines called Bukas Palad to help support children in getting an education by providing some of their basic needs both in terms of supporting their families and providing for basic education material.


The reason I have chosen this group is that since 1999 my wife and I have been supporting a child in their programme. We did this because my sister (Siobhan) spent a GAP year in the Philippines finding out more about a company practicing "Economy of Communion". This was set up as management consultancy but split it's profits 3 ways, 1/3 to shareholders, 1/3 in investment and 1/3 donated to charity. One of the charities it supported was Bukas Palad.


On 28th July 1999 my sister died in a plane crash on an internal flight in the Philippines, we have been supporting this group in memory of her.

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